Movie Rating

Lost in Reverie (2015)

Genres : ‘Action Movies’

Directors : Unsigned

RunTime : 100 minute

Countries : Universal

Company : Entertainment More...

Ghost Forest (2013/I) 1 80.00% 4.00/5

Ghost Forest (2013/I)

Genres : Adventure, Horror, Thriller

Directors : Arthur Egeli

RunTime : 100 minute

Countries : USA

Company : Frame 352 Productions More...

Movie Rating

You're in Charge (2013)

In this dress comedy compilation inside the spirit of Cajun Louisiana, a haplessly ne'er-do-well child proceeds household bask in a each year inside prison… Genres : Comedy, Drama, Family

Directors : Tom Krueger

RunTime : 88 min

Countries : USA

Company : More...

Movie Rating

The Widowers (2014)

THE WIDOWERS is a comedy concerning grief. It centers on finest friends Jake with Jonathan, whose wives undergo kicked the bucket inside an accident… Genres : Comedy, Drama

Directors : Jonathan Scott Chinn

RunTime : 104 min

Countries : USA

Company : Charred Oak Films More...

Movie Rating

The Tailor's Apprentice (2014)

Inspired by specific events, "The Tailor's Apprentice" depicts a harassed father-son relationship amid a healing smuggling scheme.Genres : Crime, Drama, Thriller

Directors : Jeff Lehman

RunTime : 84 min

Countries : USA

Company : More...

Movie Rating

Star Wars: Threads of Destiny (2014)

94 days subsequent to the frustration of emperor Palpatine, the galaxy is just the once once more inside deep conflict. The novel republic plus the Skenvi kingdom both compete far more than the trivial globe Coreign that gives a particular ore.Genres : Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Directors : Rasmus Tirzitis

RunTime : 110 min

Countries : Sweden

Company : Branbomm More...

Movie Rating

Checking In (2014)

In any Hotel, there are stories. Each visitant there has one, a past, a conflict, furthermore hope. Set inside a hotel far more than the passage of 24 hours… Genres : Comedy, Drama, Romance

Directors : Unsigned

RunTime : 123 min

Countries : UK

Company : 5/Sec Productions More...

Movie Rating

Father's Garden: The Love of My Parents (2013)

Genres : Documentary, Drama, Family

Directors : Peter Liechti

RunTime : 93 min

Countries : Switzerland

Company : More...

Movie Rating

One, Two, Three, Five (2013)

Genres : Drama

Directors : Mohammad Moayeri

RunTime : 100 minute

Countries : Iran

Company : Avin-Atrin-Simia More...

Movie Rating

Kule kidz gråter ikke (2014)

After an mishap at school, the teenage-girl Anja must effort cancer bit participating inside summer camp, envisaging because a soccer sport with addressing boys.Genres : Drama, Family, Sport

Directors : Katarina Launing

RunTime : 100 min

Countries : Norway

Company : Cinenord Spillefilm More...