The Fall of the Essex Boys (2013)

The onset along with draw close of the Essex Boys gang – the drugs, the violence and, of course, the murders. The bona fide fairy-tale is the more dismaying of all.
Genres : Crime
Directors : Paul Tanter
RunTime : 87 min
Countries : UK
Company : Chata Pictures More...

Prank (2013/I)

In the Summer ahead of their senior year, three adolescents attempted to annihilate the excellent prank on their bully. Instead, they performed him.
Genres : Crime
Directors : Yiuwing Lam
RunTime : 82 min
Countries : USA
Company : Plan 9 Entertainment More...

The Shooter (2013)

Denmark's opinionated shot is a public cause a rebellion plus ecologists as at any rate as pro-nature activists evidencing on the streets…
Genres : Crime, Drama, Thriller
Directors : Annette K. Olesen
RunTime : 90 min
Countries : Denmark
Company : Nordisk Film Production More...

Curse of Chucky (2013)

After her mother's strange death, Nica begins to smell that the talking, red-haired doll her visiting niece has been fidgeting with could troth the foremost to up-to-date bloodshed in addition to chaos.
Genres : Crime, Horror
Directors : Don Mancini
RunTime : 97 min
Countries : USA
Company : Universal 1440 Entertainment More...

Closed Circuit (2013)

A high-profile terrorism case abruptly binds jointly two ex-lovers on the justification lineup – undergo the points in time of their loyalties with placing their lives inside jeopardy.
Genres : Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Directors : John Crowley
RunTime : 96 min
Countries : UK | USA
Company : Focus Features More...

All for Two (2013)

After their newfound lot submit to been tricked aloof from one another by a banker, the three friends must duty united to dig up revenge.
Genres : Comedy, Crime
Directors : Rasmus Heide
RunTime : 89 min
Countries : Denmark
Company : Den Vestdanske Filmpulje More...

Brazilian Western (2013)

Brazilian Western is an adaptation of the eponymous song by Renato Russo a prominent Brazilian singer and…
Genres : Crime, Drama, Romance, Western
Directors : René Sampaio
RunTime : 108 min
Countries : Brazil
Company : Fogo Cerrado More...

Assassins Run (2013)

Maya becomes the target of the Russian mafia subsequent to her husband, a victorious American businessman, is killed.
Genres : Action, Crime, Thriller
Directors : Unsigned
RunTime : 88 min
Countries : USA | Russia
Company : Whale Studio More...

Zila Ghaziabad (2013)

In the city of Ghaziabad, gang drive breaks between two opponent kinds led by Satbir Singh furthermore Fauji. Thakur Pritam Singh, a corrupt watch officer, is transferred to the city to manage the situation.
Genres : Action, Crime, Thriller
Directors : Anand Kumar
RunTime : 100 minute
Countries : India
Company : Soundarya Production More...

Northwest (2013)

18-year-old Caspar wishes to come upon the top, no subject focus what. He carries out small-time break-ins as Jamal…
Genres : Action, Crime, Drama
Directors : Michael Noer
RunTime : 91 min
Countries : Denmark
Company : Nordisk Film Production More...