Stuff It (2016)

Genres : Horror
Directors : Rupert Hitzig
RunTime : 100 minute
Countries : USA
Company : Entertainment More...

Bloody Homecoming (2012)

Three time following a deadly mishap trees a student numb at the annual Homecoming dance, a class of…
Genres : Horror
Directors : Brian C. Weed
RunTime : 82 min
Countries : USA
Company : DAVED Productions More...

The Hospital (2013)

Old St. Leopold's Hospital has a lot of urban legends adjacent it, however the population of Bridgeport all…
Genres : Horror
Directors : Unsigned
RunTime : 95 min | UK:74 min (heavily cut)
Countries : USA
Company : Deviant Pictures II More...

Phobia (2013)

In 1885, a woman folk medical examiner getting anyone out of a tight spot a sort of people in general in addition to their phobias becomes embroiled inside a murder riddle adjacent a patient that may well or may well not troth a vampire.
Genres : Horror, Thriller
Directors : Jon Keeyes
RunTime : 91 min
Countries : USA
Company : Loud Pictures More...

Waterfront Nightmare (2012)

Seven college friends use their bounce crush inside a foreign waterfront cabin just to learn that their lives are inside jeopardy.
Genres : Action, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Directors : Clark Birchmeier
RunTime : 98 min (premiere) | 93 min (re-edited)
Countries : USA
Company : Burning Torch Productions More...

The Demented (2013)

Six college friends join because a weekend getaway where they adjudge one another exchanging blows because their lives behind a terrorist take on turns the local population into passion infused zombies.
Genres : Horror
Directors : Christopher Roosevelt
RunTime : 92 min
Countries : USA
Company : Tomaro Pictures More...

Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

A sad musician reunites in addition to his lover, albeit their romance – which has prior to now persisted more than a few centuries – is disrupted by the start of her gripping younger sister.
Genres : Drama, Horror, Romance
Directors : Jim Jarmusch
RunTime : 123 min
Countries : Germany | UK | France | Greece
Company : Recorded Picture Company (RPC) More...

Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan (2013)

Young matured at a first-time offenders' boot camp notice the legend of the immense lumberjack Paul Bunyan is real, except is a lot of other ghostly than they may well labor under imagined.
Genres : Fantasy, Horror
Directors : Gary Jones
RunTime : 90 min
Countries : USA
Company : Kinetic Filmworks More...

Sorority Party Massacre (2012)

Sexy college girls suffer gore galore as a psychotic killer and a submit to as sorority female relative torture arrives…
Genres : Horror
Directors : Unsigned
RunTime : 103 min
Countries : USA
Company : Marquis Productions More...