A Song for Sarah (2013)

The heartwarming cast musical, A Song because Sarah solutions the question; Can music unless the daylight hours as aspiring singer Sarah Caldwell…
Genres : Family, Musical, Romance
Directors : Philip Keeler
RunTime : 113 min
Countries : USA
Company : Vestige Entertainment More...

12 Menit (2014)

This is a narrative just about struggle. Struggle as self-defeating. For the sake of a exceptionally easy aspiration…
Genres : Drama, Family, Music, Musical
Directors : Hanny Saputra
RunTime : 110 min
Countries : Indonesia
Company : Big Pictures Production More...

Tarro (2013)

Once a missy Tarro wished to familiar with her in the pipeline along with she obtains the Gift of foresight. But continuously probing forward…
Genres : Short, Drama, Musical, Mystery
Directors : Olesya Makarova
RunTime : 11 min
Countries : Russia
Company : Entertainment More...

Sayang disayang (2013)

Sambal Goreng – a traditional dish inside the Malay Archipelago – is the metaphor because the sizzle, simmer…
Genres : Drama, Family, Fantasy, Musical
Directors : Sanif Olek
RunTime : 80 min
Countries : Singapore
Company : Reeljuice More...

Undone (2013/II)

A divide of existence narrative with characteristics to nine kinsfolk breathing less than the similar roof, who affect the consequences of love, secrets, furthermore sex.
Genres : Musical
Directors : Maxwell Freudenthal
RunTime : 91 min
Countries : USA
Company : Entertainment More...

Introducing Kaye: Romantic Loner (2013)

A film artist/soul singer individual searches at an knack residency subsequent to a programme of failed relationships.
Genres : Musical
Directors : Kalup Linzy
RunTime : 100 minute
Countries : USA
Company : Entertainment More...

Le grand ménage d'Atchoum (2013)

Atchoum is pleasant to engagement house behind human being moving around in addition to her show, other than is appalled as soon as she sees the frenzied furthermore dusty assertion or her room…
Genres : Musical
Directors : Charlie Mars
RunTime : 52 min
Countries : Canada
Company : Entertainment More...

Die Bekehrte (2013)

Woman who wears a nun's procedure sings a song 'Die Bekehrte' by H.Wolf. She researches herself with commenting to truthful attachment along with belief…
Genres : Short, Drama, Music, Musical
Directors : Jay Jihyun Kim
RunTime : 4 min
Countries : USA
Company : Entertainment More...