The Wanderers (2013)

A person of raunchy age as well as amnesia elicits the support of his estranged miniature town male list member as anyhow as a fish out of water underground TV character for he travels like Texas to Los Angeles to reveal his past.
Genres : Adventure, Drama, Mystery
Directors : Layton Matthews
RunTime : 109 min
Countries : USA
Company : LMTC Productions More...

Beyond Control (????/I)

A decade of conspiracies, frauds, in addition to murders unfolds subsequent to Victoria Crown reveals that her husband…
Genres : Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Directors : Patrick Jerome
RunTime : USA:95 min
Countries : USA
Company : Bway 7 Productions More...

Waterfront Nightmare (2012)

Seven college friends use their bounce crush inside a foreign waterfront cabin just to learn that their lives are inside jeopardy.
Genres : Action, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Directors : Clark Birchmeier
RunTime : 98 min (premiere) | 93 min (re-edited)
Countries : USA
Company : Burning Torch Productions More...

Badges of Fury (2013)

In certainly 3 days, three cases of Smiling Murder astonish Hong Kong. The tender emissary Wang Bu'er with his cousin Huang Feihong come out on a question choked with exhilaration with circumstantial events.
Genres : Action, Comedy, Mystery
Directors : Tsz Ming Wong
RunTime : 98 min
Countries : China
Company : Hong Kong Pictures International More...

Daylight (2013)

Some ilk secrets cannot suffer the daylight.
Genres : Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Directors : Diederik Van Rooijen
RunTime : 114 min
Countries : Netherlands
Company : Eyeworks Film & TV Drama More...

The Rambler (2013)

A calm drifter foliage prison, finds house on the road.
Genres : Comedy, Drama, Horror, Mystery
Directors : Calvin Reeder
RunTime : 97 min
Countries : USA
Company : Also Known As Pictures More...

The Devil You Know (2013)

Kathryn Vale (Lena Olin) is a reclusive ex-movie big name plus a murky undisclosed along with a female offspring eager to make progress inside her mother's movie-star footsteps…
Genres : Mystery, Thriller
Directors : James Oakley
RunTime : 76 min
Countries : USA
Company : RIVR Media More...

Penthouse North (2013)

A reclusive, blind photojournalist lives calmly inside a New York penthouse, till a silver-tongued excluding sadistic criminal hunting for the cause that a secret lot enters her life.
Genres : Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Directors : Joseph Ruben
RunTime : 90 min | 86 min
Countries : USA
Company : Demarest Films More...

Closed Circuit (2013)

A high-profile terrorism case abruptly binds jointly two ex-lovers on the justification lineup – undergo the points in time of their loyalties with placing their lives inside jeopardy.
Genres : Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Directors : John Crowley
RunTime : 96 min
Countries : UK | USA
Company : Focus Features More...

Last Passenger (2013)

A tiny collection of day to day passengers on a speeding London commuter tutor drive their warped driver who has a dismal budget because each person on-board.
Genres : Action, Mystery, Thriller
Directors : Omid Nooshin
RunTime : 97 min
Countries : UK
Company : NDF International More...