Detour (2013/I)

Trapped indoor his motorized vehicle by a mudslide, shinny chatting Jackson Alder abruptly finds himself inside a state he can't chat his solution of. With no pray of rescue, he must task the odds; fighting Mother Nature given that his survival.
Genres : Romance, Thriller
Directors : William Dickerson
RunTime : 87 min
Countries : USA
Company : Fishbowl Films More...

The Immigrant (2013)

1921. An harmless immigrant man is tricked into a being alive of burlesque plus vaudeville in anticipation of a striking magician aims to unless her plus reunite her and her cousin who is someone wedged inside the confines of Ellis Island.
Genres : Drama, Romance
Directors : James Gray
RunTime : 120 min
Countries : USA
Company : Worldview Entertainment More...

The Cosmonaut (2013)

Stas, the cosmonaut, gets wasted inside space. When he comes encourage he finds Earth fully bare of male life. Yulia also Andrei pass the time as him on the assorted neighboring of a going to pieces world. How far-flung might you depart as love?
Genres : Drama, History, Romance, Sci-Fi
Directors : Nicolás Alcalá
RunTime : 93 min
Countries : Spain | Latvia | Russia
Company : Entropy Studio More...

Ishkq in Paris (2013)

Akash (Rhehan Malliek) furthermore Ishkq (Preity Zinta), two end strangers, behind making landed conscious at on a plight comedy delight in Rome to Paris…
Genres : Comedy, Romance
Directors : Prem Soni
RunTime : 95 min
Countries : India
Company : PZNZ Media More...

Heli (2013)

Heli must try out plus protect his tender heading as his 12-year-old sis out of the blue requires one another inside the vicious prescription world. He must war opposition the prescription cartel that taste been angered with the corrupt regulate force.
Genres : Crime, Drama, Romance
Directors : Amat Escalante
RunTime : 105 min
Countries : Mexico | Netherlands | Germany | France
Company : Mantarraya Producciones More...

Crazy Kind of Love (2013)

A flouted list finds their romances to only one more shifted by another surfacing inside the household.
Genres : Comedy, Drama, Romance
Directors : Sarah Siegel-Magness
RunTime : 100 min | 105 min
Countries : USA
Company : Smokewood Entertainment Group More...

G.B.F. (2013)

What happens behind Tanner is outed by his classmates plus becomes the name "gay top friend" given that three exorbitant class queen bees?
Genres : Comedy, Romance
Directors : Darren Stein
RunTime : 92 min
Countries : USA
Company : School Pictures More...

The Coalition (2012) (V)

Four women band as one to draw settling of scores on four immature unbeaten team since the guys mistreated each other inside various way.
Genres : Comedy, Romance
Directors : Monica Mingo
RunTime : 101 min
Countries : USA
Company : 13700 Films More...

Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

A sad musician reunites in addition to his lover, albeit their romance – which has prior to now persisted more than a few centuries – is disrupted by the start of her gripping younger sister.
Genres : Drama, Horror, Romance
Directors : Jim Jarmusch
RunTime : 123 min
Countries : Germany | UK | France | Greece
Company : Recorded Picture Company (RPC) More...

Love Is in the Air (2013)

Antoine is a lawyer breathing inside New York. On his technique second to France given that the closing sequence of a trade interview…
Genres : Comedy, Romance
Directors : Alexandre Castagnetti
RunTime : 96 min
Countries : France
Company : Révérence More...