Monologue: Vincent Suite (2013)

An adaptation loves the flick Hurt Locker. A view where Sargent JT Sanborn disclose just about his way of thinking on kicking of the bucket in addition to his contemplations because the war.
Genres : Short, Action, Drama, War
Directors : Unsigned
RunTime : 2 min
Countries : USA
Company : Entertainment More...

Gitmo Titmo (2015)

Female Americans also diverse foreigners are interrogated to determine where 12 plutonium smog bombs are sited just about the United States of America.
Genres : War
Directors : Norman Clark Stewart Jr.
RunTime : 119 min (approx.)
Countries : USA
Company : Excursions Limited More...

Qart Qadesh: The City of Light (2013)

Qart Qadesh is the right chronicle of the Canaanite city of Qadesh like 1330-25 BCE inside the duration of King Tut…
Genres : Animation, War
Directors : Kohan Killetz Segal
RunTime : USA:53 min (approx.)
Countries : USA
Company : Entertainment More...

Sent (2013)

A recommend check unsleeping on the aggression flaunted by superpowers towards weaker nations.
Genres : Animation, Short, Drama, War
Directors : Mohammad Rasul Shojaee Tafti
RunTime : 5 min
Countries : Iran
Company : Entertainment More...

The Furnished Room (2013)

The Furnished Room is collection inside Germany for the duration of the initially real world war. Heinrich Dietz is a soldier on the front line…
Genres : Drama, Romance, War
Directors : Florian Dassler
RunTime : 14 min
Countries : UK
Company : Entertainment More...

Theatre Without Audience (2015)

ATW scarcely survives Hitler's in addition to Stalin's cruelties. In 1966 the Polish author in addition to theatre critic emigrates to the USA in addition to explores "Theatre Without Audience": an inspiration which Brecht passed through inside the 20ies excluding by no means applied.
Genres : Biography, History, War
Directors : Unsigned
RunTime : 90 min
Countries : Germany
Company : Knudsen & Streuber Medienmanufaktur More...

An American Piano (2014)

A anecdote of humanity, benevolence as anyways as the universality of music inside lending a (helping) hand to to cure the rifts between wartime rivals.
Genres : Short, Biography, Drama, Music, War
Directors : Paul Leeming
RunTime : 20 min
Countries : Japan
Company : Visceral Psyche Films More...

Final Picture (2013)

Genres : Drama, War
Directors : Michael von Hohenberg
RunTime : 95 min
Countries : Germany
Company : White Lake City Film Produktion More...

Eclíptica Willkommen Mexiko (2013)

The gainsays of Uriel Goldstein a Jewish man inside the Nazi Germany plus a mexican actor Luciano inside Berlin waging a symbolic effort between ideologies of our time.
Genres : Adventure, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, War
Directors : Hugo Fortis
RunTime : 88 min | Mexico:86 min (approx.)
Countries : Israel | Mexico | Germany
Company : Entertainment More...

The Precipice (2013)

Genres : Action, Thriller, War
Directors : Michael Hatch
RunTime : 86 min
Countries : Australia
Company : Entertainment More...