Dead On (1994)

In an ithyphallic revise of "Strangers on a Train", airline conduct Ted Beaumont with his lover, Erin Davenport…
Director : Ralph Hemecker
Release Date : 1994
Genre : Crime, Thriller
Cast : Matt McCoy as Ted Beaumont, Shari Shattuck as Erin Davenport, David Ackroyd as Dexter Davenport, Thomas Wagner as Det. Maldonado, Trisha Melynkov as Det. Wessberg, Tracy Scoggins as Marla Beaumont, William Anton as Cullen, Lynn Oddo as Lisa, Virginia Watson as Dorian, Roger Rose as Russ Russell, Harris Laskawy as Harv Mendelsohn, Julie Gregg as Jillian Marks, Mindy Seeger as Sherry Steingaard, Rochelle Swanson as Woman at Party, Christopher Carroll as Doorman, Alan Cassidy as Bartender, Yavone Evans as Female Passenger, Cheri Renfroe-Yousem as Woman in Gallery, Michael Gaines as Airport Skycap, Scott Glasgow as Parking Guard, Colleen Kendall as Newscaster, Marym Zadeh as Girl at Gallery, Cory Segall as Boy on Airplane
Run Time : USA:87 min | USA:92 min (unrated version)
Country : USA
Company :